I finished the outline for the YA assignment and emailed it to the editors an hour ago. “Finished” is a funny word. I could have worked on that outline all weekend. For weeks, really. It’s establishing a whole new cast of characters and although I know them better than I did some days ago I … Continue reading


Body vs. Mind

Why is it that whenever I am working seriously toward a deadline (and in this case, multiple deadlines) my health falters? I don’t see what I’m doing differently except less TV and less sleep, but in reality not really that much less sleep. And then when I don’t feel good I am less inclined to … Continue reading


Oh, Oh, Oh

You’ll be disappointed in me. I am. I wasn’t able to finish the outline by this morning—my super-ambitious self-imposed deadline that I told the editors I’d meet because I always think I am capable of finishing things before I can… it left me in a ditch. It wasn’t even a matter of the “done” versus … Continue reading

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What Happens When You Are Hungry and Fidgety and Can’t Stop Blowing Your Nose?

Fifteen minutes to five o’clock, and you decide to pack up and go home. You’ll work on the outline at home, while munching on cherry tomatoes and sucking honey-lemon cough drops. You’ll motivate in the dust and squalor of your own apartment—you will! You want the outline to be good, that’s first and foremost. But … Continue reading