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In Which I Share Distractions, Announce Audio Book News and a Los Angeles Book Event, and Stress Over the Pajamas I Need for California

Lately I’ve been feeling like everyone writes faster than I do. (By “everyone” I mean other authors with all their books coming out. Not that man on the couch in my café who sits for hours reading the newspaper. Or the other man who’s fast asleep on one of the best café tables in the … Continue reading

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Author Interview & Book Giveaway: AND THEN THINGS FALL APART by Arlaina Tibensky

What’s today? A random Tuesday. But wait! It’s a wonderful Tuesday because this is the day Arlaina Tibensky’s debut novel comes out. And Then Things Fall Apart is a book some of you may remember if you were there in the audience, as I was, at the NYC Teen Author Festival this spring when Arlaina … Continue reading

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Author Interview & Book Giveaway: Amy Reed and “CLEAN”

Book Giveaway! There is a novel that has long been on my “Books I Love” list—a stunning debut novel by Amy Reed. I fell in love with Beautiful, it absolutely spoke to me, and when I heard that Amy had a new book coming out this summer I gathered up my courage and emailed her … Continue reading

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You Can’t Know (Or: a Telegram Not Sent)

You can’t know how you’ll handle things. You can guess. You can even make an educated guess, based on what you know of yourself from all other experiences that came before, like the fact that you published a book once before, you were read and reviewed and rated before. You survived. I’d been through this … Continue reading