A Small Moment That Meant Everything
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A Small Moment That Meant Everything

I’m immersing myself in some serious work on the novel this weekend, but I had to stop for a moment and share this story with you. Yesterday I went to go pick up a package at Penguin, the publisher of Imaginary Girls and my upcoming novel 17 & Gone. I live within walking distance to the … Continue reading

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Writing for Hire… and for James Frey

I read this article about James Frey’s fiction factory with great interest, since he was recruiting writers from a room I could have been in, had this happened some years ago. For those who haven’t been following this story, James Frey is writing YA novels now. Well, he’s not exactly writing them. But he’s getting … Continue reading

While I’ve Been Writing…
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While I’ve Been Writing…

I’ve just emerged from a self-imposed push to finish a new project on top of my novel revision on top of a big freelance deadline and I was here pushing myself so hard that, last night, I went to bed complaining my “bones hurt.” But I did it. I reached the freelance deadline, I finished … Continue reading

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When You’re Desperate for Something, Anything to Happen…

…sometimes you turn your entire blog turquoise. Sorry about that! I’m sort of into it right now, so I’ll leave it be. But I lost the gorgeous header E made for me and I’m mourning it. I’ve had to put aside the blog post all about writers colonies until Monday—I’m just focusing on a freelance … Continue reading