To Do: No-Box

Another short story rejection came today. Just one of those thin photocopied slips without even a name on it. No return address on the envelope. (And they had this story 5+ months.) Whatever.

At some point at some nameless future date when I feel more secure in my footing, I’ll put together a “No-Box” for all the rejections I’ve collected over the years. Some are flattering with typed comments and encouragement to try again, some are scrawled on my own manuscript: “No thanks” with some illegible initials from someone who is probably an unpaid intern, some are cut jagged with scissors, copied 12 to a page. I’ve sent these out personally, so I know how it is. Still, it hurts to get them. I can’t throw them out, yet I can’t stand to look at them, either. I’ll jam them all into a box, shove a rock in to weight it down, seal it up tight with duct tape, and throw it into the Hudson.

I’m looking forward to watching it sink.

One response to “To Do: No-Box”

  1. Did you ever take the pleasure to give your no box to the fishies, or did you just eventually shred the contents? Enquiring minds want to know!

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