In Which the Universe Revolves Around Me

I was telling a coworker today that I think I am being tested.

She leaned in, eyes wide, By who? she said.

I waved my hands to indicate everything and everyone around us.

She whispered: By the Powers That Be here at [Our Company]?

And I’m like, Oh no, I mean the universe. The universe is testing me, not the publisher.

Just the universe then? she said.

But then we agreed that was much worse.

My coworker said she doesn’t think she’s being tested right now because I seem to be going through a lot more than she is so more likely she’s just stressed.

I told her maybe she could be tested next. The universe is all hers, as soon as she wants it.

Thanks, she said.

Anytime, I said.

(Universe? I am on to you.)

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