Wanted: Intern/Personal Assistant for Harried Struggling Writer Who Is Too Tired to Handle the Everyday Tasks of Everyday Life

Intern/personal assistant desperately needed to help struggling artist get through day. Tasks include laundry, dishes, shredding thousands of pages of old manuscripts, finding books lost in piles in bedroom because there are no bookshelves, perhaps building and installing bookshelves, dyeing hair, packing lunch for workday at meaningless job that sucks life out of employer, giving praise when employer has had life sucked out, buying employer the skincare products she wants at Kiehl’s but hasn’t yet because she is too tired to walk over to 2nd Avenue, dusting, stocking fridge, putting away items employer drops on floor, scrubbing bathtub, telling dog owner upstairs that dog is barking too often and too loudly and too late at night and is driving employer crazy, paying bills, standing on line at post office, buying lotto tickets, attending public functions and parties on employer’s behalf, taking over employer’s position at meaningless job when she calls in “sick”, making bed, hanging up clean clothes on floor, buying employer a new pair of shoes, and finding lost birthday checks from nana.

Respond with resumes and references.

Monetary compensation cannot be provided.

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