Tough Skin

Rejected again last night, and I didn't cry over it. I'm too busy with these other freelance distractions to cry, or feel sorry for myself for a long extended period of time, as would be my usual, and so maybe it's for the best that I am doing this, not a spare second to put … Continue reading Tough Skin

Do You Ever?

Do other writers play this game? It's a game I used to like to play -- and one I still play, but with hesitation, because it can hurt -- involves standing before the shelf that might be yours someday. Standing at your spot in a library or, like today, a bookstore. To look at your … Continue reading Do You Ever?

When I Give Up

When I give up, we'll leave the country and move someplace warm where we only know a few words of the language to get by. I'll name myself something ironic, and by then it will suit me. I'll stop wearing shoes. I'll start drinking again; I'll drink like I never did, maybe tequila. I'll sleep … Continue reading When I Give Up

Should I Read?

Reasons for reading aloud an excerpt of my short story in front of strangers and maybe some people who know me, not being sure which is worse, and combatting a probable anxiety disorder that runs unchecked without meds because meds would be admitting defeat: 1) I like reading aloud from my short stories. Mostly to … Continue reading Should I Read?