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My Mind Is Elsewhere

I have reached chapter 7 of my revision. I should plow through. I should.

But my mind is on other things. Floating up in there are all the foods I can't eat because I am on a (stupid) diet—how often can a person think of frosted cupcakes?—and then I think, Well, what can I eat if I can't have a cupcake?, and there's nothing I want to eat, but I'm hungry and I'm not getting much done hungry, and today is a holiday and I have the day off from work and so I need to take advantage of it, so I should go out, I should eat something, or I should starve myself and push through some more pages. Why am I afraid to finish this? Maybe because I will feel aimless once I turn it in. I am aimless already even while under deadline (floating cupcakes!)—just imagine how I'll be when no one cares what I finish or if I even write a word.

I knew a person who would take a nap directly under his desk when he was stuck with his writing. Then he'd wake bleary half in and half out of that dream state and force himself to start typing. His novel was published. See? This was a successful strategy. Cupcakes were not involved.

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One response to “My Mind Is Elsewhere”

  1. Successful but CRAZY! I’m sure napping on a bed or sofa with the iBook nearby would be sufficient, and much better for your back.

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