Late afternoon was spent wandering the cobblestone streets downtown with a certain someone, sucking on fresh-fruit smoothies, trying on Gucci knock-off sunglasses and floppy hats, holding hands through the crosswalk, avoiding the sunny side of the street for the shade. "What are you going to write tomorrow?" he asked me, and I said I didn't … Continue reading Meandering

My Summer Vacation

I'm taking my summer vacation starting this Saturday through July 11. Guess where I'm going? Broadway—about a 15-minute walk away. Or maybe a nearby cafe to get a change of scenery, maybe that Starbucks on Christopher where I wrote the freelance books, maybe there. Yeah, I'm taking my precious vacations days this summer to not … Continue reading My Summer Vacation

4 Minutes

I get interrupted a lot at work—today I decided to time it and it's not half as bad as I thought. On average, I get bothered every four minutes. Put my head down, read a page for a while then always in the middle of a paragraph, a sentence, a thought someone appears at my … Continue reading 4 Minutes