The Mood Swings of Possible Revision

I like it just the way it is. Look—I'm not even wanting to line edit. That's a sign. Oh, but what if [this] happened instead? The story would be totally different if I did that. How much fun that would be! Like a whole new novel! I'm actually getting excited! Hmmmm. But everything else wouldContinue reading “The Mood Swings of Possible Revision”

While Buying a Lotto Ticket This Morning…

Scene: Newsstand, Greenwich Village—still damp from rain Me: Could I have a quick pick Lotto, please? Newsstand guy: Just one? I nod. Newsstand guy hands me the ticket. Newsstand guy: I hope you win and you come back and take care of me. Me: … Newsstand guy: I hope you win and you send meContinue reading “While Buying a Lotto Ticket This Morning…”