While Entering the Building…

Scene: Lobby of building where I write on weekends. I enter the elevator and one of the security guards gets on with me.

Security guard: You've been coming here for years. What, are you writing a book or something?

Me: Yes.

Security guard: What's it called?

Me: What?

Security guard: Your book.

Me (blatantly lying): It's untitled.

Security guard: You don't know the title yet?

Me (continuing with the lie): Oh, it'll come to me.

Door opens on security guard's floor. He gets out but still holds the door open.

Security guard: But how will I find it at Barnes & Noble?

I shrug, smile.

Security guard (as doors close): When you know the title, you'll—

The elevator doors close before he finishes his sentence.

Relieved, I ride the elevator to the top floor. Nice guy. Too bad I'm too anxiety-ridden and rude.


One thought on “While Entering the Building…

  1. Helen June 24, 2006 / 6:29 pm

    I hate people asking me about my novel! Especially when they ask about the one I’ve just finished and I say it’s YA fantasy and they go: “Oh, like Harry Potter?” Grrrrr!

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