How to Know When You’re Going Overboard

Your outline is nearing 30 pages (single-spaced!) and you still feel no closer to knowing the heart of your story than you did before. That instead of making a nice orderly list with bullet points as you have here, you have almost entire scenes sketched out, bits of dialogue, asides into outer space, name-dropping likeContinue reading “How to Know When You’re Going Overboard”

The Sinkhole That Is My Apartment

I didn’t write a word once I reached the apartment yesterday evening. I don’t know what happens when I’m inside these narrow walls—crumbling brick on one side, grayish white on the other. All of my energy is sapped once I set a foot inside. The couch swallows me up like a sinking carpet. My brainContinue reading “The Sinkhole That Is My Apartment”

What Happens When You Are Hungry and Fidgety and Can’t Stop Blowing Your Nose?

Fifteen minutes to five o’clock, and you decide to pack up and go home. You’ll work on the outline at home, while munching on cherry tomatoes and sucking honey-lemon cough drops. You’ll motivate in the dust and squalor of your own apartment—you will! You want the outline to be good, that’s first and foremost. ButContinue reading “What Happens When You Are Hungry and Fidgety and Can’t Stop Blowing Your Nose?”