Someone Stole the Fake Me

Before this blog, I had another anonymous blog on Blogger. But it had become tiring, and silly, to pretend not to be me, for what was the point? I figured I might as well use my real name, no matter how fake it sounds. (There are still people who don’t believe Nova is my real name when I introduce myself. Now why would I make that up?) So I started this blog, on WordPress, which I love—the interface is fantastic. And I am so not going back to Blogger. So I deleted the blog on Blogger one day with a quick sudden burst of energy. Oddly enough, I’ve noticed that some people still link to this old blog, so I followed one of the links. It doesn’t say Page Not Found. Instead, it now redirects to an outside blogsite by someone called Sophia who apparently likes Def Leppard and blogs about such random things that read like advertisements I think her site is a feed from other sites and that she doesn’t really exist. What is the (online) world coming to? I never should have deleted my fake self so that a new fake person could so quickly take over, huh?

One response to “Someone Stole the Fake Me”

  1. Must be a sign! My own blog started on Blogger, but I didn’t like the lack of feedback. Sure people can comment but most will pass in the night after reading an entry. I wanted to see those shadows going by. I found wordpress by finding your blog (lucky you weren’t still fakin’ it on Blogger!). Now I’ve packed up and moved over, happy to see that 2 people read it today, 6 looked at the feed. I like to see the shadows of people go by!

    But now I know not to delete the old one!


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