Route ?

I am writing about a very specific road, but I can’t for the life of me remember its name. It was two lanes. It curved through the trees so you could never see too far ahead. On the left side was the reservoir, hidden by pines, and I knew the two secret entrances even though no trespassing (or swimming) was allowed. The road seemed to head straight into the mountains, but I never followed it all the way. At some point it must have stopped, or split into other roads, or merged onto a highway. I wouldn’t know.

My memory holds all the details (the single-light intersection, the antique shop, the entrance to the old dirt highway, the train stop that closed), just not the number. It was Route [something]. This is what happens when you spend your life looking out windows. I really should learn how to drive.

3 responses to “Route ?”

  1. The Ashokan Reservoir? Route 28A goes around it and meets back up with Route 28 (which goes to Kingston). Might that be your road?

  2. 28 sounds very familiar. I’ve also had the random numbers 209 and 375 rushing through my head. But 28, 28, did that pass the hell that was my high school?

  3. Yes, the high school is on Route 28. 375 goes between Woodstock and 28. According to google maps, 209 goes south-ish from kingston to Ellenville, which sounds familiar.

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