Good Vibes and All That from LA

Saw my LA friends today, Annika and Will, both writers, and they brought the excitement I remembered from our short trip to that other coast (reminding me why we’d wanted to move there), their adorable new baby, and—little did they know—some very good luck. Not five minutes before I left to go meet them, I got the email I was hoping for from the editor of the two (ghostwritten) young adult novels I wrote earlier this year: I just got signed on for another one! Due mid-September! Crazy! But I’m psyched. I think these friends of mine should visit more often.

Also, how adorable is their baby, Sammy? I just love how he holds onto his father’s thumb.

3 responses to “Good Vibes and All That from LA”

  1. bloglily says:

    Nova, that’s wonderful news (and I loved your description of your one good paragraph.) And, yes, a way cute baby. Best, BL

  2. Helen says:

    That is excellent news from the editor!

    What a cute diddle baby! He’s chilling out, looking out at the world… Ah, life is simple when you’re that little…!

  3. yojo says:

    Yay for good news!

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