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One Good Paragraph

I have to go, to meet some friends from out of town. But this morning, after a late start with involved dreams that kept me setting the alarm back a half an hour for two hours and which I have no real memory of now, and stalling in the living room in which E finally said “Go. Leave the apartment. Write”, I made it to my writing spot, settled in, sipped my coffee, stretched, and started typing. Then I got the IM that it would soon be time to go—and I need to go home, get changed, and drop off my iBook. So today I wrote one paragraph. A long paragraph, yes, but just one. But it’s a very good paragraph, an exciting paragraph since it opens up a whole new world to the story, a paragraph I am (cautiously) thrilled to now have. (Always be cautious.) Maybe this is all I would have gotten done today, no matter how many hours I had to do it. And you know what? Some days, a good paragraph is all you need.

3 responses to “One Good Paragraph”

  1. I love your advice here, always be cautious. I try and recall this time and again, and this morning, I needed to hear it from someone else. So, reading blogs I like to read, and there it was, just the warning that my subconscious was looking for…

  2. I’m happy with a really good sentence. As one who deals in very short stuff, one paragraph is often a finished work in itself. And you’re so right, Maybe a full day of effort wouldn’t have yielded more. Knowing when to get up from the work is as important as finding the time to sit down to it.

  3. Well, if I could read that paragraph, it would be helping me. And lovely paragraph. And yes, essay’s make you tired, and a parargraph is all you need. Thank you.

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