The heat is overwhelming, and it’s only just the start of a hot week in the city. Monday and Tuesday, if it’s true they will come close to reaching 100 degrees, there’s no way I’m leaving the building at lunch. I’ll eat from the vending machines before I walk around in that heat. It’s the mugginess that makes it so much worse. This is what people are escaping right now, isn’t it? It’s why my writing spot has been sparsely filled this weekend, why I am sitting now at a prime desk even though I came in late, and there is no one at any other desk in sight. The other writers are away at beaches, I bet, sitting poolside with their laptops. Smart. Still, there’s air-conditioning here. And much work to do. And E is on his last late shoot tonight, so I should stay as long as I can, wait till the sun goes down so it’ll be cooler on the walk home.

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