What People Are Searching For

Like Slynne on So You Think I Can (some really great posts about this!), I’ve come to notice some of the search terms that have led people to find this blog. People are seeking very curious things on the Internet, or they’re using the Google search field like a confessional. Like “take off all your clothes, i am afraid” and “saw one mouse kitchen counter” and “should we make love on a weekday” and “i am a cheater” and “i dont want to go no where” and “hotel in nice where you go up the stairs” and “hated living upstate” and “which city woman walk naked on street.” People want advice, or travel suggestions, or are in need of mouse traps. Now I wonder: Is there a city where woman walk naked on the street, or was that just wishful thinking? Did the lover choose Wednesday? Is there only one hotel in Nice that has stairs? And this cheater, did s/he cheat on a spouse or a test? I’m curious.

2 responses to “What People Are Searching For”

  1. I love “take off your clothes, I am afraid”. That is a haunting sort of line. I could see it being the opening line of a story or, more likely somehow, a poem. And I agree that a lot of people seem to use google like a confessional, that is a great way to put it.
    Something I always think about is: did they find what they were looking for? Did they find something they didn’t even know they needed, these searchers? I’m curious, too.

  2. Oh yes! For me the terms have been getting progressively wierder. Variations on “Exhibitionist” have been leading to my post by that name. In fact, it’s like a stampede of people confessing and searching:
    “my wife” +exhibitionist
    “my wife”+exhibitionist+pic
    exhibitionist home
    exhibitionist world
    like my wife to be exhibitionist

    and my personal fave:
    get mould off camera lens

    How that lead anybody to me is a mystery!


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