Oh, Oh, Oh

You’ll be disappointed in me. I am. I wasn’t able to finish the outline by this morning—my super-ambitious self-imposed deadline that I told the editors I’d meet because I always think I am capable of finishing things before I can… it left me in a ditch. It wasn’t even a matter of the “done” versus “good” debate—there were huge glaring holes of white space and patchy gnarled paragraphs of senseless nothingness. I couldn’t turn it in as is. I’m still working on it, as we speak, in another window. I’m really not sure why it’s giving me so much trouble. It’s funny—it deflates in the middle, just like always. I am plagued by middles! I’ll get through this one this week. I have to. I’m on assignment, so I can’t just shove this one in a box in the closet and pretend I don’t know it’s there.

3 responses to “Oh, Oh, Oh”

  1. My vote? Not disappointed. It sounds like you’ve gotten much of it done and can see your way to the end (the middle, I mean, which sounds like it’s the end.) Good for you.

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