Another Day

I woke up feeling especially melancholy—for no real reason. I feel like I’m waiting for something. Like I’m counting on lightning to strike, and the chances of that are one in a million. Yet I’m still looking up, hoping to see a flash, wondering why it hasn’t yet come.

(Note: Actually the chances of being struck by lightning in the US, according to Wikipedia, which isn’t always wrong, are 1:280,000. Should that make me feel better?)

One response to “Another Day”

  1. bloglily says:

    If the lightning you wish to have strike is an agent calling you up and telling you she or he would love to work with you, then the chances are a whole lot better than 1:280,000. And I must say, I had no idea one’s chances of getting hit by the kind of lightning that’s not very good for you were so high. I’d better take the tin foil out of my hair.

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