My Writing Process on Display

Now that I’ve just completed (yes, completed!, for now…) the revision to my short story and sent it in to the editor—two days ahead of deadline—I’ve come to recognize the patterns in my writing process. Each time it seems new, the struggle. But I need to get myself used to it because it always willContinue reading “My Writing Process on Display”

Glug-Glug (That’s the Sound of Me Drowning)

This morning I successfully awoke when the alarm went off, and I successfully stayed awake in the crucial minutes immediately after when I am tempted, oh so tempted, to stumble into the living room and collapse for a quickie morning nap on the couch. I stayed awake, I think because reality was pulling on myContinue reading “Glug-Glug (That’s the Sound of Me Drowning)”

Days Lost, But I Don’t (Really) Miss Them

I lost a few days there—not a peep of a post—and really not too many things of interest happened. I was busy and don’t remember much. Now here I am, Thursday night, with two deadlines on Monday, plus thinking long-term about everything else, and I’m tired. I went out to lunch with someone I reallyContinue reading “Days Lost, But I Don’t (Really) Miss Them”

Why I Suspect That the Barista Forgot to Put the Shot of Espresso in My Iced Mocha This Morning

It did taste awfully sweeter than usual. I am so tired I almost—almost!—took a nap on the couch beside the window, but the slap-slap-slap-slap of another writer’s flip-flops kept me from drifting off. My head is full of cotton and nothing is coming out. The page is blank. Oh, I have typed in one adverb.Continue reading “Why I Suspect That the Barista Forgot to Put the Shot of Espresso in My Iced Mocha This Morning”