Horoscope Superstitions

I am such a Pisces. Either I read all the traits of a typical Pisces a long time ago and molded myself into one, or else all those horoscopes are written just for me.

Jonathan tells me:

Recent events have left you in no doubt about the need to effect a repair. Something IS broken. It needs attention and energy. There remains though, some uncertainty about how best to rectify the damage. A temporary patch is possible. This will create the illusion that all is well once more. A proper, thorough strip-down and rebuild is going to take much longer and cost much more. But that’s really what you now must do.

Oh, Jonathan knows me so well.

But, worse, Susan says this about Monday, the day of my deadline for a very tough writing assignment that’s been weighing on me all week:

August 7 could bring excessive criticism for a work project you did, and make you feel embarrassed or depressed that you didn’t do better.


Regarding superstitions, I just walked into traffic to avoid coming near to walking under a ladder, if that says anything.

3 thoughts on “Horoscope Superstitions

  1. I’m in a bad mood with Jonathan Cainer because he consistently got my stars wrong for five years. I’ve heard he’s spot on for other people, though – he gets it right for my friend who is Cancer. Susan, on the other hand, was quite spookily accurate for me. Well, her August stars were. I’m quite a typical Aquarius. Are you a February or March Pisces? I knew someone who was born two days after me but was Pisces and was so completely different to me in temperament, not one hint of Aquarius in her personality, which was great because I often find it hard to fathom fellow Aquarians. My son is Scorpio Sagittarius cusp, he is Scorpio but behaves more like Sagittarius.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that Jonathan doesn’t speak to you. I’m a February Pisces and he’s been spot on with me for about a year. I discovered him at the writers colony I went to last spring. A small group of writers would gather around the computer in the evenings after dinner to see the next day’s predictions. They swore that he gave advice very specific to their writing days, eerily specific. Most of the artists there thought the whole thing was silly, but I was swept up in it immediately. Jonathan always knew the exact right thing to say to me.

    Susan’s predictions don’t always work for me. She’ll say things are going to happen that most assuredly don’t happen, so I got mad and stopped reading her monthly forecasts. But if Monday goes as horribly as she said, maybe I should start reading them again. Not that I want Monday to go horribly. You know what I mean.

  3. I’m February 18th so I was almost Pisces. I have heard that Jonathan Cainer is spookily accurate for some people, which is why I get so annoyed that he never gets my stars right. Maybe I should start reading Pisces.

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