Congratulations, Helen!

I just visited Helen’s blog and found some wonderful news. Her science fiction novel won the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Frustrated Writers’ Mentoring Program competition. I’m so excited, it’s like I won something. Congrats, Helen!

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Helen!

  1. Thank you so much, Nova! Winning the competition was such a shock to me considering that this time last year I thought I was going to have to give up on that manuscript (5 months pregnant, the prospect of losing my job looming). Then a sledgehammer hit my life at the end of 2005 after the complications at my son’s birth. It just goes to show that you should never give up, no matter what life throws at you. The book is still a long way from being published, I don’t want to think too much about that now because I am scared I will mess up, but as my husband said to me: “Nobody can take this away from you.” I hope I can make the most of this opportunity.

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