Apparently I’m Funny Now

In grad school I recall being envious of some of the other writers in my workshops—they could be so funny. And funny writing gets an immediate response: you laugh; thus it’s good. My kind of writing doesn’t really make you laugh. Get a little lost, feel a little uncomfortable, say oh that’s pretty, maybe. But laugh ha-ha? Not so much.

Until now. Because it turns out that when I’m writing this YA stuff it’s sorta funny. Other people say so (I can’t really tell). I mean I make myself laugh, but that doesn’t always translate to other people. I’m finding this whole situation somewhat odd. I’m writing differently. I’m feeling differently. Maybe I’m a whole different person from that twenty-two-year-old who was oh-so-serious all the time about the slimmest, densest of short stories. With age I’ve become a goof.

3 thoughts on “Apparently I’m Funny Now

  1. Well, it might have more to do with the type of writing you’re doing. Just saying… I think it would be unworkable to have the YA stuff contain your signature tight-wound intensity. It just wouldn’t work out. The fact that you’ve switched gears and are able to write in this other style is a compliment to your skills, I think. You might not see it that way, but I think it reveals a sensitivity you might not know you had.

    See? UR SMRT!

  2. Yojo: “my signature tight-wound intensity”? Wow, I love that. Someday, somehow, some way I might just quote you on a book jacket. You make me sound fierce. (You’re damn fierce yourself.)

    Bloglily: So true! Maybe that’s what’s freeing me into being able to lighten up and joke around (also my real name’s not on it). With the money I should buy something ridiculous, probably from my most favorite store on the planet, Kid Robot. (Although Pylones might soon eclipse even Kid Robot.)

    Every finished book should get a new toy.

    Oh but then there’s rent and student loans and I’m still paying off this ibook. Huh. Right. That’s why I’m writing all this stuff. It must be the delirium from so little sleep that’s making me so funny.

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