Days Lost, But I Don’t (Really) Miss Them

I lost a few days there—not a peep of a post—and really not too many things of interest happened. I was busy and don’t remember much. Now here I am, Thursday night, with two deadlines on Monday, plus thinking long-term about everything else, and I’m tired. I went out to lunch with someone I really like from work (whenever we start talking, it’s like we can’t stop, there being so much to say) and then when I returned to my desk and the work at hand, I just couldn’t keep focus. Maybe our conversation reminded me of all the things I want to do and am not doing, or maybe of the places I want to go and haven’t yet gone. You know those ideas you get and if you made a list it would be a wacky catalog of things more outrageous than cliff-diving into a volcano while wearing a clown costume, or whatever those brave outrageous people do who don’t get trapped in these stodgy day jobs. You’re all cliff-divers, aren’t you? Yeah, that’s how I imagine it.


  1. In reality I have crippling vertigo but mentally I’d like to be a cliff-diver. Maybe that’s a mentality we should try to cultivate…

  2. Nope. Not all of us are cliff-divers. Some of us are cranky wine and beer data people. Who also dream of joining the circus to be in a fire=eating act although they don’t know how to eat fire without dying.

  3. Not a cliff-diver. A sky-diver. And no, I haven’t yet accomplished the unaccomplishable feat but in my head. Yes, yes in the same place that occupies the same space of things that I have yet to do but so swear that I will do…someday. No really.
    Oh yeah, and that’s seconded by a hot-air balloon ride, a treacherous climb up some random mountain, and a conversation with a Buddhist monk. Or, was that a Buddhist mon-key? I can’t remember.

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