Trickster Motivation

I have to trick myself into being good. If I go to my writing spot on a weekend morning, knowing I have the whole entire day ahead of me in which to write, I tend to take it slow and easy. I read a short story from the new Zoetrope. I research weird things on Wikipedia for no reason. I goof off on Myspace. I read blogs on my blogroll below and see what other writers are up to. I do anything, it seems, but dive straight in to the chapter I am there to write. Then I look at the clock hours later and see all the time I wasted and the panic begins. I’m bad, bad, bad.

So this morning, a Sunday, knowing I was prone to do it all again, I tricked myself and went instead to the Starbucks I go to on workdays. It’s completely out of the way from my writing spot. There are three Starbucks that are closer (let’s not get into a discussion about the proliferation of Starbucks, but that’s pretty crazy, no?) and yet this particular one is the one I find most inspiring. The desks (call them tables, jeez!) are set up against the walls in a way I like. The sound doesn’t carry as it does in some others. So I went, and I finished a whole chapter, and it was good.

I guess I have to fool myself every morning. I feel like I’m working with a child here and have to dangle out lollipops to get her to write. I’m working hard, no doubt. But I could work harder. I have to work harder because the deadline is fast approaching and time is running out.

I need another lollipop now.


2 thoughts on “Trickster Motivation

  1. Helen September 11, 2006 / 3:59 am

    I’ve got cakes I bought from the Indian restaurant up the road. Actually, I’ve just eaten them… I had planned to eat one while I got 30 minutes writing time. Instead I’ve been surfing the net. It’s hard, isn’t it?!?!

    By the way, you are so right – why is it that some Starbucks are more inspiring than others?! Somebody should research this.

    Off to write, you have encouraged me.

  2. Niki September 12, 2006 / 9:00 am

    You always manage to accurately illustrate the ups and downs of writing. So much of the problems we experience don’t have anything to do with the actual writing itself – the difficulty is when motivation, inspiration and illumination don’t bother showing up, while we sit there waiting for them at Starbucks, like jilted lovers.

    Procastination however – he’s there, right on time with his double mocha (full-fat) latte and his blueberry muffin. He’s a regular.

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