Left to My Own Devices

E has been working on many shoots lately and is out again tonight. All alone with myself I’ve already:

  • Cleaned up half of the living room then collapsed on the couch
  • Made a meal of cheese and crackers, cherry tomatoes, and cereal for dinner
  • Watched back-to-back TV shows on a borrowed DVD instead of writing
  • Broke our last nice blue glass all over the kitchen floor
  • Then broke the shards of broken glass further while trying to clean it up, thus having to clean it up twice
  • Got my feet tangled up in the mini-vacuum while trying to clean up all the glass so I don’t step on it while walking through the kitchen
  • Stepped on the glass, having to vacuum a second time
  • Shorted out the lamp
  • Dropped a cherry tomato and spent five minutes looking for it
  • Found the cherry tomato under the couch—no, I did not eat it
  • Thought of spending the night writing
  • But didn’t

I miss him.


  1. I’m exactly the same when Kiko’s Daddy is away. I think: “Great! A night of writing time ahead of me!” then I end up staying up really, really late, sending him text messages and missing him.

    Oh ho – I would have washed the cherry tomato then eaten it – heh! Now I want to go out and buy cherry tomatoes. Will it help me write tonight…?

  2. Ack! I can relate. A glass met the same fate here and the remaining shards (which were thought to be cleaned up) kept making appearances under other people’s (shoe-wearing) feet.
    Sometimes it’s just one of those kinda days. :/

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