Lesson Learned from Stopping Before I Was Done Yesterday

That maybe sometimes that’s not so bad? I did the scene I couldn’t complete this morning and I’m extremely happy with it. There was a moment where I moved even myself and was smiling inanely at my Starbucks table, to the confused looks of the people around me. I’m glad I waited. It turned out better this morning than it would have ended up yesterday.

And yet what is the lesson in this? I thought I was supposed to push myself really hard until my fingers are burning (or bleeding, see that post below). I thought I supposed to FORCE MYSELF to finish.

I admit I’m confused.

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  1. I love thinking of you moving even yourself! This stopping before you’re quite through with a scene is good advice, very Hemingway-like, and something that seems to work well when you’ve written as much as your burning fingers can take. xo, BL

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