I finished the 1st draft of the freelance novel late last night, emailed it in to the editors, and then opened the file to find a mistake on page 1: I’d noted (X words) on the front in big block letters to announce the word count, and forgot to fill in the X. Oh well.

Between you and me, I am only about one thousand words over this time. That’s a miracle. I’m usually 10 to 5 thousand words over. One thousand can be fixed in the revision with simple line edits.

So very tired right now. The 1st draft isn’t as good as I could have made it, I believe, had I had more time. I should get that motto stamped to my forehead.


  1. Hey- play it off as audience participation. You’re not interested in how many words you think it is- you’re interested in how many words they think it is…erm- I got nothin.

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