In an impossible feat that I really didn’t know I could do, I met a deadline Thursday. And another today. And now I’m done. I’m going away for a little while to relax. I’ve decided that I’m not going to be a freelance writer anymore, not while I have this full-time job. (I mean, after I make the deadlines on my revisions, of course, I’m not that much of a slacker.) I just don’t want to do this anymore. I want to write for myself again. And, beyond that, I’m very, very tired.


  1. Good for you Nova. I hope it’s a wonderful, relaxing break. You’re THIS close to being able to retire from your freelance career and get on with the next thing, the one that’s for you.

  2. Sometimes when you create for nothing more than the sure joy of creating, you create your best work and who knows what could become of that.

    I’ve found in my own life that thinking about “marketability” inhibits and constrains creativity.


    Also, sometimes (I’m guessing often) your scars will be beneficial to others.

  3. Oh, Nova. I think that this is a decision you have been dwelling on for a long time. Stick to your guns. I know that it can be tempting to give in and write freelance when they ask, but hold on and write your things for a while. You absolutely deserve it.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I can’t tell you how needed that was. Now I’m back… and staring at the revision notes I need to address for my freelance novel. I think I’ll deal with it tomorrow.

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