MFA Nostalgia

Last night I visited my old campus. It’s a city campus, walled in, where I spent two-and-a-half years in MFA courses (I took an extra semester for thesis workshop) and then two-and-a-half more years “writing” the thesis (more like keeping my cheap & cushy couples housing that I won by lottery) and more years have … Continue reading MFA Nostalgia

Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Time to Go to Bed

It is 7 minutes to my bedtime. I didn't have a bedtime as a child (my mother didn't believe in them) and yet now that I am "older" I do because if I don't go to bed by a certain time I am unable to wake up in the morning and my day is completely … Continue reading Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Time to Go to Bed


An old friend who has come to visit is a magician. I didn't know until last night, and it thrills me. I am the most gullible person when it comes to tricks. I want them to be real magic. I do not want to know the secret (please do not tell me). When his trick … Continue reading Magic