MFA Nostalgia

Last night I visited my old campus. It’s a city campus, walled in, where I spent two-and-a-half years in MFA courses (I took an extra semester for thesis workshop) and then two-and-a-half more years “writing” the thesis (more like keeping my cheap & cushy couples housing that I won by lottery) and more years haveContinue reading “MFA Nostalgia”

Unable to E-nun-ci-ate, and Other Story Problems

I’m at a difficult spot in the short story I’m writing: the final scene where it all comes together. The how-did-this-happen, the full circle, the change everyone says you must come to in a story, the WHY. To be honest, the story is about me, but no longer about me, it’s more personal a pieceContinue reading “Unable to E-nun-ci-ate, and Other Story Problems”

Where I Write, Suggested Improvements

My weekend writing spot would be better if they fed writers intravenously from convenient tubes in the desks. I can never decide what to eat—a character flaw—and taking the time to venture downstairs and out of the building is a distraction too dangerous since it involves seeing all the colorful windows and crowds on BroadwayContinue reading “Where I Write, Suggested Improvements”

A Whole Life in One Story

I’ve been carrying around a short story anthology for a couple of weeks now, reading a story in the mornings with my coffee when I have the spare moments. Today I wanted to go straight to my writing spot, but upon starting one of the stories in the anthology I couldn’t move until I reachedContinue reading “A Whole Life in One Story”

The Real Fellowship Essay

I won’t post it here, but today I completed the actual fellowship essay that I’ll be sending off next week. It’s honest but not as sappy as previous drafts. I have tried to remove all trace of desperation, but the fellowship committee may still be able to sniff it out when they open the envelope.Continue reading “The Real Fellowship Essay”

Lecture to Self on a Two-Day Week

Dread is not called for here. It’s only Tuesday, and the week is up after today. This is a holiday week, a happy occasion, so be happy. Sit awhile. Listen to the Dresden Dolls. Sip your mocha. Cover your head with the scarf so it feels like no one in the whole Starbucks can seeContinue reading “Lecture to Self on a Two-Day Week”