Top 10 Reasons Why It Is Time to Go to Bed

  1. It is 7 minutes to my bedtime.
  2. I didn’t have a bedtime as a child (my mother didn’t believe in them) and yet now that I am “older” I do because if I don’t go to bed by a certain time I am unable to wake up in the morning and my day is completely shot.
  3. Tomorrow is Tuesday, i.e., staff meeting at work, i.e., the day is already shot.
  4. My eye is puffy for no reason and I am the only one who can see it. I may be allergic to my own hand.
  5. I also may be imagining the puffiness.
  6. Maybe I am making myself sick in an allergic reaction to my life.
  7. A girl at dinner had her first book published at age 13.
  8. No, she laughed, it was actually age 15.
  9. Both make me equally depressed.
  10. Maybe I will be inspired to write tomorrow. That is reason enough to make the effort to crawl into bed.


  1. 7-9. The longer you stay hung up on others’ accomplishments the less energy you are going to have to create your own.

    I realize I’m telling you to focus, which, if your “about” is right, is going directly against one of your characteristics (easily distractible).

    But, I’ll say it anyway – focus on your journey, your work – unless, of course, you can learn from someone else’s. In that case, take what you learn and weave that into your path.

    BTW, sometimes my wife’s eyes get puffy when she’s stressed.

    Keep writing.

  2. whether the puffiness is real or imaginary, I hope it disappeared in the morning. I’ve been there – seeing something no one else can see. It’s my sick way of handling stress, and distress.

  3. I’ve been having trouble talking myself into bed, lately, too. I just want to read, write, think, stare at the cieling a little longer. Perhaps number 11 should be…

    11. I’m tired and my eyes feel as though they are bleeding.

  4. sometimes I think I am 6, too.

    re: 7, 8, 9…gawd I hate when that happens. I try to remember things like, “hey, I can do things you can’t, like drive and do algebra” or “whatever…you’ve only be reading for like eight (or whatever) years!”

    hope you got inspired today.

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