distraction no. 99: 2006 in Review

I started posting sporadically in this blog in 2006. I started by carrying some older posts from another anonymous blog over here as a tease. Then I deleted that anonymous blog and stayed here for good. Now, apparently, I can't stop. So here's to a new addiction, or, I should say distraction... I tell you—it's … Continue reading distraction no. 99: 2006 in Review

On the Last Day of the Year…

I slept in. When E suggested this idea to me last night—to go to bed without setting an alarm clock—I'd looked at him in confusion. What, like sleep IN? I'd asked. Yes, he'd said. Sleep in! The thought balloon above my head looked like this: ?!%&%%@$%(*(&*%&%???*&!##!@@@!!!&%!!? But still I made a good effort. I did … Continue reading On the Last Day of the Year…


We were upstate for the holiday, there where the road signs were hard to find, where the directions to the house included such gems as "this road twists and turns a lot" (huge understatement) and "the road sign says the road ends, but don't believe it—keep going" (true). We'd picked up the car left behind … Continue reading Home


Yesterday was a day in which I didn't write. Not a single word. I didn't think of writing, didn't even make an attempt. I was another person yesterday, one who slept late, who shopped, who cleaned, which involved getting rid of the old manuscript pages that had been clogging up the bedroom, and putting clean … Continue reading Clean