distraction no. 99: 2006 in Review

I started posting sporadically in this blog in 2006. I started by carrying some older posts from another anonymous blog over here as a tease. Then I deleted that anonymous blog and stayed here for good. Now, apparently, I can’t stop. So here’s to a new addiction, or, I should say distraction… I tell you—it’sContinue reading “distraction no. 99: 2006 in Review”

On the Last Day of the Year…

I slept in. When E suggested this idea to me last night—to go to bed without setting an alarm clock—I’d looked at him in confusion. What, like sleep IN? I’d asked. Yes, he’d said. Sleep in! The thought balloon above my head looked like this: ?!%&%%@$%(*(&*%&%???*&!##!@@@!!!&%!!? But still I made a good effort. I didContinue reading “On the Last Day of the Year…”

Crawling into the New Year

I haven’t been feeling too well physically. Combine that with my usual aversion to the end of the year + the impending start to a new year makes me maybe a little moody. I’ve started three posts here that I haven’t finished. I’ve stared at a blank white screen for many minutes and then turnedContinue reading “Crawling into the New Year”

Read Me (or maybe you’d better not)

The short story that recently got accepted to a lit journal had me thrilled, as you know, and pretty much bouncing off the walls for a few days, but there is also a sobering detail to the whole happy-dance. You see, the story is about my mother. It is fiction. (It is! I swear!) AndContinue reading “Read Me (or maybe you’d better not)”

Distractions from Distractions

The practical thing would be to revise my novel. Or, I have a big project coming up, one I’m working on with another writer, and which I will be focusing on with great intensity the rest of this month. I should be getting a jump on that this morning, instead of residing in my usualContinue reading “Distractions from Distractions”