Not such a good start to a new week: I couldn’t sleep last night and so couldn’t get up at 6, couldn’t get up at 7, still couldn’t get up at 8, and by 8:30 dragged myself to the shower half-asleep not really up anyway. Of course it’s Monday, a workday, so my writing time is lost until tomorrow. I am going to go in to work now and just pretend that the whole entire day isn’t happening. Tomorrow I will start over: get up at 6, go write, finish that story. Yeah, tomorrow. Today has just been scraped off the face of the earth (don’t tell my self otherwise; I don’t want to get used to sleeping in and slack for the rest of the week!).

4 thoughts on “Do-Over?

  1. Gah, Nova, I am having exactly the same sort of day myself. I have woken up with a sore throat and am slumped in front of the computer in my pyjamas trying to galvanise myself with tea before I rescue a small person from his cot. I find it is a catch 22 situation. I stayed up late writing last night, so I feel like a pile of poo this morning, but there is more writing to be done today… Why do we do it to ourselves? It’s because writing is a reality to us, not a dream. It’s just not easy… I hope you feel better as the day goes on. Don’t beat yourself up over the lost writing time. Tomorrow is another day and the sleep will have done you good.

  2. Keep going, Nova. At least you are practicing the practice.

    Can’t wait to hear that magic moment when you’ve finished a solid draft. It will happen.

    I’m still waiting to get MS Word loaded up on my new PowerBook, and then I have NO excuses.

  3. Hi Nova. I’m in a similar predicament this week. I’ve been having nightmares and am unable to work on anything that truly, truly matters. I’m distracted and distractable. I distract others. Something is bothering me. It’s not work, it’s personal this time.

  4. Thanks, everyone. I hope your own writing days went well. (Note: I am still working on the story. Ugh. My freelance projects were so much faster… what is wrong with me?)

    Slynne, I hope you are ok.

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