My Day Job

This morning, this was my urgent to-do pile at work:

Yes, my job is to read all the things in that pile. Very, very closely.

The above pile does not take into account:

  • The box of manuscripts and cover copy to the right of this picture
  • The “semi-urgent” pile to the immediate left of this picture
  • The “non-urgent” pile to the far left of this picture
  • The special project due last week that was more urgent than what is in that picture
  • The projects I “delegated” to the other copy editor
  • The projects I sent out to freelancers

This is why I have no energy to write at night.

I felt a little more overwhelmed than usual today, but—don’t worry!—there are such things as couches and takeout Mexican food and mindless TV. Oh, the pretty colors. See? I feel better already.

6 thoughts on “My Day Job

  1. I feel you – it’s like that around here lately too (lately? practically always except summer) – my day job is often draining – right now it’s soul deadening. I hope you have a margarita with the mexican food!

  2. Thanks, everyone. I wish I could say I made a dent in that pile since I took the photo. I started to, and then more stuff was piled on… I guess it’s just extra-busy right now. (It’s normally busy.)

  3. Nova, thanks for this. Misery loves company, I guess, but I am so brain dead from work that I can’t even read books, and that is so frustrating. How the hell can I write????? Somehow I will, and you will, but dammit, the soul-sucking must stop.

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