Say my lease renewal for my teeny-tiny but perfectly located apartment arrived in the mail today. And say it noted a rent increase. And say that rent increase was way, way, way more than what I expected, and that it starts April 1 and I have to sign it within 60 days of receipt to keep this apartment another year. And say I can’t afford the increase. Like really can’t afford it. And, in fact, I can’t afford another apartment in Manhattan (or possibly in certain parts of Brooklyn). And to get a new apartment we’d need enough money for two months rent plus, most likely, a broker fee. And we’d need a cosigner, and we can’t get a cosigner. And say that I know what my raise will be in 2007 and I know for a fact it won’t help.

Hypothetically, if this were happening right now, I would be completely and totally freaking out.

8 thoughts on “Hypothetically

  1. All the best, Nova. Why is it that landlords always interpret “lease renewal” as “rent increase time”? It’s deprssing. Sending you vibes for everything to work out well.

  2. god i hate money… I’m getting ready to call some temp agencies today so the car doesn’t get reposessed! If only we lived in the same city we could all comiserate over inexpensive food and drink!

  3. Shit. I’d forgotten that there are no real restrictions on rent increases in NY. LA landlords can only raise rent 3-4% at a time, which is the only reason we are not on the streets. Our rent went up $39 and we can’t afford it. I can’t imagine if it was more.

    On the plus side, maybe the universe is telling you it’s time for big changes. Which is also terrifying, but maybe a little exciting too.

  4. oh, suck suck suck suck suck
    Although, maybe…maybe…e is right. And maybe funky uncle mustard is right. Maybe…this means something.
    Seriously, you have to forgive me. I’ve had two drinks tonight and since I just fell down the stairs it’s apparently too much.

  5. I know that others have already said this in less obvious ways, but this could be the cosmos’s way of letting you know that it is time to go to LA.

  6. So I suppose this is the push E & I needed to start a new life together somewhere else. His positivity helps. We’ve been feeling stuck here, but I guess, theoretically, we can’t be stuck any longer if we can’t afford to stay…

    Thank you for the good vibes, Helen. So needed!

    Will & Annika, I truly hope everything is going ok. I have high hopes for you two and I have a feeling they will be realized. (I owe Will an email to say the same thing.)

    Funky Uncle, it’s so hard to listen when I have the panic ringing in my head! But I will try. Thanks.

    Courtney, um you fell down the stairs? Yikes.

    And Slynne, I wish! We saw the cutest apartment in West Hollywood on Craigslist the other day. If only we were (a) there in person to get it (b) there with a job to pay for it, it would be all good.

    Here’s hoping. Something will work out, whatever it may be. E thinks so and I’m going to trust in that.

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