A Day off from Work: Like Chocolate Ice Cream*

One day just isn’t enough, like one spoonful of chocolate ice cream isn’t enough (especially when it is chocolate-chocolate-chip). And this is why I am not allowed to buy pints of Haagen-Dazs. I shouldn’t have taken today off, because now I really, really don’t want to go in tomorrow. To make matters worse—because I am always, only about making things worse—I checked my work e-mail and spent an hour panicking about something read in there, formulating possible responses to possible conversations that haven’t even happened yet because I am not there! (Oh, and the office party is tomorrow. The last office party at this specific location resulted in a social freak-out from a heightened combination of noise and constant smiling, propelling me to grab my bag and leave the location without warning or saying good-bye and to this day I wonder if anyone noticed.)

*Note: Chocolate ice cream might become a new reoccurring theme in this blog. I write about writing, trying to write, wishing I wrote more, wishing I published more, wishing I could get a fellowship, wishing I had an agent, and wishing I had chocolate ice cream. Also, I like cake.


  1. I like cake too, and I like green tea ice cream.

    I absolutely cannot abide “work jollies” like Christmas parties. Eventually I decided to cut out the middle man and just not go.

    My wish today is to have two brains, so that when one is exhausted from writing, I can use the other one.

    I hope your day went well, and at least tomorrow is Saturday.

  2. How well I know that panic about conversations that haven’t happened! If ever I find myself talking aloud to nobody in particular, it always means I’m working on a response to criticism that hasn’t yet been leveled. My explanations always make so much sense and I can exercise my righteous indignation while walking the dogs, as long as I’m not overheard by other dogwalkers. I only hope they’re too pre-occupied talking to themselves.

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