Crawling into the New Year

I haven’t been feeling too well physically. Combine that with my usual aversion to the end of the year + the impending start to a new year makes me maybe a little moody. I’ve started three posts here that I haven’t finished. I’ve stared at a blank white screen for many minutes and then turned with a huff to a magazine. I’ve finished a short story, but I haven’t done anything with it yet.

My thought process is like this: … we need to move … we can’t afford to move … what time is it? … if i were skinny i’d wear that outfit … ooh, shiny … HOW MUCH do we owe on the Amex? … i want to write that story and this story and i have an awesome idea for a new story and … i’m cold … i’m hot … what time is it? … i didn’t accomplish what i wanted to this year … i suck … hey, do we have any of those grape tomatoes?

You get the idea. I’m just not all here at the moment.


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