A Day off from Work: Like Chocolate Ice Cream*

One day just isn't enough, like one spoonful of chocolate ice cream isn't enough (especially when it is chocolate-chocolate-chip). And this is why I am not allowed to buy pints of Haagen-Dazs. I shouldn't have taken today off, because now I really, really don't want to go in tomorrow. To make matters worse—because I am … Continue reading A Day off from Work: Like Chocolate Ice Cream*

Not Saturday

Today feels like Saturday. I could've sworn it was, when I awoke this morning, when I heard our upstairs neighbor stomping in her heels in her early-morning relay race to find a suitable outfit to wear (the girl wears her heels even to brush her teeth at night; I imagine them to be fuzzy-toed and … Continue reading Not Saturday

Lost Weekend

The weekend spun out of control. No—no blackouts; I didn't steal a car. More like I just lost the weekend to work: a freelance project due Monday, and not of the writing flavor, either. Let's just say my red pencils are worn down to dull nubs and I have pink eraser dust all over my … Continue reading Lost Weekend


I expect so much of myself, always have. I’m not sure where this drive came from… Growing up around people who had little to no ambition, combined with always wanting to be opposite to everyone else, perhaps? It was common in my circle of family and family friends for people to have dead dreams they … Continue reading Ambition