The Spammers Are So Prolific

Wow, the spammers have been writing a lot lately. I envy their productivity. Overnight I’ve been getting hundreds of spam comments, and if I let 5 minutes go by I get 15 more. They are not only about Viagra, Nigeria, and other medicinal or foreign locales, some have become quite complimentary: “Great job!” “Nice writing!”Continue reading “The Spammers Are So Prolific”

Catching Up

That crash writing project left me reeling—I am very, very behind in posting here and reading all my favorite blogs. But what happened, you may wonder. Did I finish? I did. I did! So, yes, I would now like a lollipop. In the past week, a scattering of things happened. * A story of mineContinue reading “Catching Up”

Crash Writing (*Now in Real Time!)

A few days ago I agreed to write a crash freelance project. It is due next week, ideally Monday, but I asked for Wednesday to give myself a cushion in case I completely fall apart and start writing in tongues. The book will be 48 pages, but it will have photos, and it is anContinue reading “Crash Writing (*Now in Real Time!)”

Spam, in the form of an auto commercial

“Maryland Hyundai Car Dealer” has added a comment to this blog to ask me: What do you think of the new Hyundai Sonata? To be honest, Maryland Hyundai Car Dealer, I had thought nothing of it. I don’t even know what it looks like. In addition, I live in New York City, have no useContinue reading “Spam, in the form of an auto commercial”

The New York Public Library & Me

All I wanted to do last week was visit the public library, but by the time I got out of work on any given night, the closest branch was closed. On Friday I decided to actually leave the building for “lunch” in order to go to the tiny little branch six or seven blocks away…Continue reading “The New York Public Library & Me”