Chicken in Tinfoil

I don’t eat meat, which seriously limits my menu options. (Not that I’m complaining—I’d never eat meat, gross!) But just because I don’t eat it doesn’t mean that I’ve lost all curiousity about strange menu items and want someone to try them in front of me so I can see what they might be. The “someone” usually ends up being E. (Ask him sometime about the rabbit.) Anyway, so tonight he was on his way home and I decided to order Chinese. I am very unimaginative when it comes to my own dinners. I pick one thing I like at every restaurant and I get that, always. But for E I like to order some of the more interesting ensembles. The only thing he specified on the phone before I called was chicken. Okay… So I checked the menu and found, to my delight, a chef speciality called “Chicken in Tinfoil.” Why is the chicken in tinfoil? I thought. It must be special, because it was a speciality, and the tinfoil was significant to its specialness. I had to see it! So I ordered it and stowed it away until E came home. When he did I announced, “I got you chicken in tinfoil!” He was like, “Okaaaaay.” So we opened the bag. The meal was—get this—wrapped entirely in tinfoil. I was very excited. I waited patiently while he opened it, peeling the tinfoil back to reveal… chicken. Ordinary stir-fried chicken and vegetables in a brown sauce. “Why is this chicken in tinfoil?” he asked. “I have no idea!” I explained. How wacky of the restaurant to wrap regular stir-fried chicken in tinfoil and call it a special. I’m quite pleased.

[EDIT: No longer pleased. See E’s comment. The chicken in tinfoil made him sick!]

[ONE MORE EDIT: On 1/13 someone searched for “should I order foil wrapped chicken?” and found this blog. I think the answer is no.]

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  1. Ha! This weekend, my family went to a Malaysian restaurant, where some kind of sweet pork dish arrived wrapped in tinfoil. Before opening it, the waiter lit it, blue flames shot up for a few seconds, then died down, and then everybody ate. I don’t know how it tasted, as I’m vegetarian, too, but it sure looked like regular pork chops to me! Anyway… maybe next time you order Chicken in Tinfoil, you should light it first? 🙂

  2. nova, thank you for the chicken in tinfoil. i’m glad that you get such joy out of having me eat odd things that you would never touch yourself. i’m picturing you laughing hysterically when saying “i’d like one order of the chicken in tinfoil,” and it makes me very happy.

    w, i completely agree with you. everything tastes better when lit on fire. i should have thought of that.


    – chicken in tinfoil gave me really bad heartburn. terribly bad.
    – i never get heartburn. except for one other time (also from takeout chinese food).
    – i’m going to avoid chicken in tinfoil.

    ps. i still feel awful about the rabbit. i don’t want to talk about the rabbit.

  3. Well, at least no one here is a victim of false advertising. Hee. But you’d think the tinfoil could be a crazy colour or all sparkly or SOMETHING for a chef specialty–at the very least!

  4. Look, I made E sick with my cruel experiments in strangely wrapped animal food! So sorry, E. Thankfully he is very forgiving and won’t hold this against me… right?

  5. E-
    The heartburn is most likely from the MSG in a lot of Chinese food. I have a friend who is very sensitive to it. So, if that is the only time you get heartburn you may want to ask them to not put it in your food. Also, avoid soy sauce and other dipping sauces, as it is often added to them. One more thing that I find interesting-you know how you are sometimes hungry a short time after you eat Chinese? That is because MSG acts as an ‘insulin trigger’, which gives you the hunger feeling.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see another person who also enjoys strange and exotic foods. However, I will never, ever eat something I have had as a pet. So, no rabbits.

  6. I love this, though I am sorry that E got sick from it. This is why I need to be in a relationship, so I can torture the other person with odd foods that I never want to try. And also so that I have to try things I would avoid otherwise. (eg. the timme that an ex boyfriend served me soup with chopsticks. I did it, though. Although he did look at me at one point and offer a spoon and fork, to which I responded, give whitey a chance.)

  7. hi ben,

    thanks for looking out. i’ve never really had a problem with msg although sometimes it does make me feel high/dizzy. i’m wondering if w was more onto something in that maybe the “special” tinfoil was covered in alcohol (or lighter fluid!) and i just didn’t get the memo to light it on fire first.

    i hope it’s not the msg. i’d feel like i was letting down my taiwanese mother. 😉

    either way, i’m feeling fine today.

    ps. all this rabbit talk is making me misty.

  8. Ah, that’s too bad that chicken in tinfoil made E sick (my sympathies!) but you know, that makes for a totally awesome t-shirt opportunity aka I SURVIVED CHICKEN IN TINFOIL AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY etc., 🙂

  9. Ok I’ve recovered from laughing now, sort of. Part of the reason I’m so taken with this story is that I actually *noticed* the chicken in tinfoil in one of your menus while we were there and had to mention it (I guess just to Eireann but I thought you were there too!) and became slightly hysterical. How funny that you would decide to order it. Not funny that it had such a bad result though.

    Two of my favourites from the menus in our drawer are: Lamb Green Musala Decorated in a Maharajah Style (I can’t ever order this because it could only be a dissapointment) and Double Seafood Jade (which Cliffy got when he was over here much to my excitement but frankly it failed to deliver).

    I share your enthusiasm for strange menu items and if you could have seen the look of glee on my face when I read this post then you would know this is true. I can’t order them myself either though, not because I don’t eat certain things, but because I live in constant fear of ordering something I don’t like and then being forced to be in a bad mood for several weeks afterwards.

  10. Okay, Sharon, full disclosure: Remember when we ordered Chinese from that menu near where you were staying? Well, I loved the meal so much (it could have been the company) that I brought one of the menus home with me and have been ordering from there ever since. I realize it’s a bit of a long trip for them, but I think the delivery guys have bikes and I tip well.

    So… the “Chicken in Tinfoil” that I forced E to eat the other night? It was the exact same “Chicken in Tinfoil” that must have amused you so much when you were here! I love that we both got such a kick out of it.

    And Courtney, I must make E that T-shirt: I SURVIVED CHICKEN IN TINFOIL AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY HEARTBURN. I wonder if he’d wear it?

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