Dear World

Dear Powers That Be:

I have heard a rumor that if you would like your life to change, you must do something about it yourself. For instance, a person who might be intrigued to find herself working a new job might actually have to send out her résumé. A writer who wants to be published has to contact agents and publishers, no matter how long it takes.

My question to you is, have you ever considered changing the order of events? For instance, I am here, easily findable, just try Google. Might an opportunity fall into my lap?

I will practice sitting, waiting for the drop.

Awaiting your reply,

* * *

Dear Mean People:

It has been said—by my mother, and now by my husband—that I might be a little sensitive. Hyper-sensitive, maybe? Easily shattered? A big giant baby? Choose your words carefully because I will remember them and maybe one day, one day when I have it a little more together, I’ll get you back.

For instance, if I ask for “organic costa rican coffee beans” and there are no “organic costa rican coffee beans” but there are “costa rican coffee beans” you do not have to snap at me about what I can or can’t have, you can just understand that I might be confused and explain the difference.

Fact is, I have a little box in which I keep insults. If you’ve done something to me, said something behind my back at work perhaps and I found out about it, don’t think I’ve forgotten. I keep it in the box. One day the wrong person might see it, and who will be the big giant baby then?

And if that is not reason enough to stop being mean to me, know this: I am going to learn jiu jitsu.


* * *

Dear Fake People:

I think you’re mean, too.


* * *

Dear Short Stories in My Head:

I have great affection for you, all the stories that have yet to be written, every single one of you. I love you all: the pretty ones with the glossy opening paragraphs, the lumpy ones with the fat guts, the ones shot up with holes, the old creaky ones with the still-beating hearts.

Please stick around. Please be patient with me. I’ll get you all written.

Most affectionately,

* * *

Dear Post Office:

I am on my way to see you. I’m bringing an important envelope, which I will seal and stamp and slip into your slot within mere minutes, an envelope I have labored over, an envelope that holds a little piece of my heart.

Treat it well, Post Office. Don’t let it get mutilated, or lost. I am trusting you with my life.

Oh, and please keep making those superhero stamps.

Best regards,

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19 responses to “Dear World”

  1. I like your letters. They are justified. I especially like the one to the Powers That Be because I am hoping that since you have written to them, drawing their attention to this persistent rumour – and obvious remedy – that they will soon come knocking on my door too.



  2. “know this: I am going to learn jiu jitsu.”

    know this: i am going to hold you to this and turn you into a terror on the mats!

    look out mean people: nova will choke you the hell out!


  3. LOVE these letters. Go, Nova! You’re a force to be reckoned with!

    ps. I also love those superhero stamps. They need a series of all Wonder Woman, though. 🙂


  4. Nova, give “The Answer to How is Yes: Acting on What Matters” by Peter Block a read. I’m about half way through and I feel he has a lot to say to people who want to shift from “what works” to “what matters.”

    I’m not able to sum it all up here in a comment, but I really think most creative people stuck in a grind somewhere could benefit from this. . .

    I’ll try to write a couple posts on it. . .Hang in there!


  5. Sharon: I’ll let you know if anything comes my way. I’ve had that letter up all day and nothing’s happened. I’m getting impatient!

    e: I would first like to learn how to do a good choke.

    Mel: I used the Wonder Woman ones up immediately! Now I am stuck with the Green Lanterns and the Supermans (snore).

    Funky Uncle: I’ll check it out, and I look forward to your posts! Thanks for the always helpful advice.

    Heather: I should post a list of all the people I am tired of. It would be a long list. Ugh, I’d probably have to start with myself!


  6. your letters ROCK. they say it ALL.

    and they are really cute and funny, too. 🙂
    Keep the letters coming! They really cheer me up (I need it) and speak the truth all at once.


  7. And if that is not reason enough to stop being mean to me, know this: I am going to learn jiu jitsu.

    Breaking the self imposed unpluggedness to say right on, dammit (okay I’ve broken the whole unpluggedness thing since I started it but oh well). I love this entry. Okay, wait, I was going to say WORD but I don’t know if that has crossed the obnoxiousness line by now. I always jump on these catch phrase things too late!

    I did not previously notice the link to your writer’s site on your blog’s sidebar, which could totally be my own inability to see things (I’m not the most observant person sometimes) but either way, I clicked it before–it’s down now or my internet is being wonky (with my luck it’s the latter)–and it looked great. I can’t say more than that without the page to reference to (my memory can be horrible, it’s safer this way) but I want to say there were stars, right? A star background and it was sleek and minimalist-ish lovely design + writing samples? I will stop there until I know for sure because I’m afraid I’ll start rambling at you about what will turn out to be someone else’s site (although I have the rambling part taken care of, obviously).


  8. Courtney,

    About the website, E made it for me as a present! Isn’t he sweet?!

    And the link to it is new, I didn’t used to have it there but I recently slipped it in. It has excerpts of some short stories. My most favorite thing about it is the pale blue stars. Thanks, E!

    Now… seeing as it’s down again, E, do you think we could get Godaddy so that doesn’t keep happening? Please?


  9. Ah okay, yay! Then my memory is all there–I hope. So I will just go on and say the excerpt about the cherry blossoms (ack I can’t recall title, sadly) stuck with me! I thought it was really intriguing and lovely and I couldn’t forget it after I read it and the other one with the line ‘someone has never hurt someone else because I was hurting’ was really “wow” to me–obviously, I am not quoting exactly, but the line was along that vein. They just stayed with me (this is not very eloquent, but let’s chalk that up to that it’s morning) and I wanted you to know.

    & I really hope my memory hasn’t failed me in either of these cases because how awesomely embarrassing would that be!


  10. Your memory isn’t failing! Those are about the little snippets from two of my stories. 🙂

    Thank you for saying such nice things. I was nervous to put up the link, but I love the site so I couldn’t help it.

    Now I’m smiling to know that you liked them, and getting excited to work on a new story today!


  11. I can understand being nervous on a general level just because it can be kind of scary to put things out there, but you shouldn’t be because it really is great and it looks great too. And ! Yay! I’m glad I told you then and happy writing!!
    (… now I have to go mainline coffee before I die of withdrawal. 🙂 )


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