Writers help other writers—well, sometimes they do. A long time ago, when I had the opportunity to volunteer at literary magazines and read slush, that’s what I loved the most: the chance at finding a good story by an unknown and being the one to bring it to the board for consideration.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to champion someone else. Sometimes an opportunity comes up, though, such as some months ago an editor at a trade house asked if I could recommend a writer for a project—she even asked if I might be interested myself. But I thought of the project and a new writer I know, an assistant where I work, came to mind. I never really talk to her much at work—and I could have recommended any number of other people who are actively looking, but I just saw a talent in this girl. She’s a good writer, and I don’t think she gets credit for it. So I told the editor about her, and that was that… I thought.

Then this week I came into my office to find a card on my desk. The writer had left me a sweet thank-you note—it seemed that the editor ended up choosing her for the book and she’s writing away. She seemed so excited. Her note was so sweet, touching. I love the fact that something came of this—maybe it will be the start of something big for her, who knows. And I’ll get to sit back and know I maybe had a little thing to do with it. Pretty cool.


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