Lost: One Glove

I lost a gray-and-white-striped glove somewhere near Broadway and Astor Place. It was in my pocket one second and gone the next. Below is a picture of its mate:

The glove was given to me by my mother. She knows how much I like stripes. It can be worn interchangeably, either on the right hand or the left.

I last saw the glove around 4 p.m. It may have fallen to the sidewalk and then got taken up in the wind. It may have flown into the oncoming traffic on Broadway, landed on a yellow cab, and found itself driven to Midtown. By now, it may have made its way all the way up to the Bronx.

With the glove I lost an idea. It was regarding the story I’m working on. I had the idea one moment, then looked for it and realized it was gone the next. It may have gotten taken up by the wind and flown, too, into oncoming traffic. You may find it in Midtown. You may find it all the way up in the Bronx.

If you happen upon my idea or my gray-and-white-striped glove, let me know. My hand is cold, and my story is lacking.


  1. Maybe your glove will go on an adventure ala the gnome on Amelie? You’ll start getting polaroids in the mail.

    Either way, story & glove–they’ll come back in one form or another!

  2. If someone started sending me photos of my striped glove in faraway places, I would be thrilled! It would be so worth losing then. More realistically, I bet it got stepped on or blown into a sewer grate and now a rat has crawled into it to keep itself warm.

  3. It looks like a remnant of an inmate uniform. Face it, you didn’t lose it. It saw its chance and made a break for it. Get out the bloodhounds, this one doesn’t want to be found.

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