Living Dolls!

I just have to take a moment to plug the new photobook by Courtney Summers: Living Dolls (Book One). Some of you may already know this talented photographer and writer, but if not, the photos in her “Living Dolls” series will be an exhilarating introduction. I first saw the images in this series on Courtney’s Flickr page, and was completely taken in. A glimpse at each provocative image is like witnessing a scene you know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t look away. Each image is a story. I love imagining the before, the after, and everything in between. Sometimes I forget her models are dolls at all. Her series is a real inspiration.

I can’t wait till my copy of her book arrives! I’m looking forward to having the images in my hands, and being taken in once again.

Courtney’s book can be ordered here!

One thought on “Living Dolls!

  1. !! Oh my gosh, Nova thanks so much for the kind words and support. They mean lots and I appreciate them more than this little comment box can say!! Thank you! And I really hope you are happy with it! (I am probably abusing exclamation marks but I can’t stop!!).

    I’ve been nudging all the people I know with cameras who take awesome pictures–you should consider doing one of your photographs!! They’d be lovely in a book.
    (I had to say it! 🙂 )

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