I have the best of intentions when it comes to my writing goals. Not that they follow through all the time, but I do mean well. Each night before bed I picture what I will write the next day. And if, come morning, the scene is cloddish and stalls and then falls headfirst out a window (like today’s scene has just done, literally!), I can’t blame myself, can I? I am trying.

The freelance writing disappointments and exhausted efforts of late have given me a new drive. I’m writing my own stuff now; I’m not doing assignments anymore, even if someone asks. (Let’s see what I say when someone asks.) But, no, I mean it! I’ve found new motivation—I can’t pinpoint where it came from—but there’s something that’s getting me up earlier and earlier each morning to work before work. I have no deadlines. I have no one waiting to read this (save e). I have no reason to be working this hard, except that I want to because I don’t really want to be doing anything else. I hope this sticks. I’ll feel better about myself as a human being if it does.

It is my intent to finish the first draft of this story before I have to leave for work.

Will I do it?

I’d guess no.

(Not a half hour later: Huh. I guess maybe I did.)

11 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. Nice! I’m glad you finished the draft before work. I commend you for being so self-motivated. I get most of my motivation from writing contests (I don’t even care if I win, but the deadline and the promise of readers motivates me).

  2. Struggling Writer, Using writing contests as acting deadlines is a great idea.

    Thanks, everyone!

    And Niki, you’re welcome to borrow some motivation anytime. Sometimes it fizzles out and I want to nap, but maybe it’ll be better behaved for you 😉

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