Winter Wonderland (Or Something Like It)

Remember snow? That white fluffy stuff that buries the car and closes school and makes for a cool fort at the end of the driveway? Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I miss it.

I can’t make much of a fort with this.

It’s also no good for snow balls, and shoes must be carefully chosen, as I almost lost one the other day in the chilly muck.

E found it amusing that I was photographing garbage and not, clearly visible, the Empire State Building like the tourists do. But—look!—there it is in the distance.

This is the view from our curb.

My mother, for her part, couldn’t make it out of her driveway. The snow hit harder upstate. If I were there with her right now, I’d make a snow angel.


  1. Snow angels were fun, but it always worked its way up under the neck of my snowsuit. I always preferred the forts- especially at the top of our yard where all the white pines were. As soon as a few inches fell the lower boughs would bend down and get ‘snowed’ to the ground- ready made and interconnected forts.

    In the city it turns too ugly too quickly. Though I did see some neighbour kids burying their little sister up to her neck in a drift yesterday. That looked fun until the tears started.

  2. We could have done with some fluffy white stuff this winter. ONE snowfall only in our part of Germany. It’s very weird. Anyway, after a couple of days our snow usually starts to look like the snow in your pictures – kind of brown around the edges.

  3. Yojo, I had forgotten that about snow angels. After doing a good one, you’d have wet snow running down your neck, so true. I miss forts! And I haven’t been buried in snow in YEARS.
    Charlotte, I hope your kids had fun in your one good snowfall—before the snow turned brown at the edges (always a disappointment to me).
    And E, you are always so sweet to me. Love.

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