Favorite Day

Today is the day my favorite person, e, was born. Thus, I made him banana pancake-crepes (my mother’s recipe) and we will have dolsot bibimbap (what else?) at our current favorite restaurant for dinner. In between we will do whatever he wants. I wish there was a way I could express in writing how I feel about him. It’s terrifically ironic to be a writer and yet be unable to find the words. Every year I think of writing him a story as a present, but happiness and true love don’t seem to make for very exciting fiction. Someday I will publish a book, and it will be dedicated to him. Maybe he’ll know then how I feel. Maybe one day I’ll find a way to express it beyond banana pancakes.


  1. Bibimbap (in the hot stone pot) is the perfect food.

    Of course, e was the one who introduced it to me, but now I could (no joke) eat it every day. This one place puts braised tofu in it that’s just YUM. And the bibimbap with the bulgogi is e’s favorite. I’m hungry.

  2. thanks yojo & courtney!

    and nova… i had a wonderful day thanks to you. you’re incredible. the breakfast was fantastic and even better than the korean dinner (which was great).

    sorry your ibook died (i’ll let you post the details). well figure it out, don’t worry. sorry 😦

  3. E, you’re sweet. And… A GENIUS. The magic you performed in getting my hard-drive to exist for as long as I needed to get my stuff off was beyond brilliant. When we go to the Genius Bar today the geniuses should be asking YOU how to fix it. (And if we had the part I know you could.)
    But I do hope you had a good birthday otherwise. I never cook, so I am so happy you liked your pancakes! You get more perfect every year.

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