The Moment After

I was in the expected table at an expected Starbucks this morning, reading a short story: "The Shape of Water" by Mark Slouka, from his book Lost Lake. Distractions abounded. A girl with ash on her head stared vacantly in my direction. A man with a bike and an old boom box danced on the … Continue reading The Moment After

Favorite Day

Today is the day my favorite person, e, was born. Thus, I made him banana pancake-crepes (my mother's recipe) and we will have dolsot bibimbap (what else?) at our current favorite restaurant for dinner. In between we will do whatever he wants. I wish there was a way I could express in writing how I … Continue reading Favorite Day

The One Paragraph I’d Save from a Burning Building

Yesterday, I happened upon a paragraph from my graduate thesis, which had been a 500-page novel about my family. The paragraph was in a document from November of 2002. The last time I thought consciously about this project may well have been in November of 2002. I had forgotten that this paragraph existed. How could … Continue reading The One Paragraph I’d Save from a Burning Building


Or is it hail? Either way, it was hard bits of ice falling from the sky this morning, making quite a forceful patter as I trudged through the snow + ice + the grayish mush that snow and ice turn into once the buses and taxicabs get to it, all so I could get my … Continue reading Sleet