Keep At It (The Yearly Smack on the Head)

This past year has been a long, slow stall for me. I like to brush off the rejections—I tell myself I’m brushing them off—but I wonder if instead I’m hanging on so I can mull over them later when no one’s looking. Truth is, for a year I’ve written things of no real consequence. GhostwritingContinue reading “Keep At It (The Yearly Smack on the Head)”

The One Paragraph I’d Save from a Burning Building

Yesterday, I happened upon a paragraph from my graduate thesis, which had been a 500-page novel about my family. The paragraph was in a document from November of 2002. The last time I thought consciously about this project may well have been in November of 2002. I had forgotten that this paragraph existed. How couldContinue reading “The One Paragraph I’d Save from a Burning Building”

Winter Wonderland (Or Something Like It)

Remember snow? That white fluffy stuff that buries the car and closes school and makes for a cool fort at the end of the driveway? Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I miss it. I can’t make much of a fort with this. It’s also no good for snow balls, and shoes must be carefullyContinue reading “Winter Wonderland (Or Something Like It)”