Living Dolls!

I just have to take a moment to plug the new photobook by Courtney Summers: Living Dolls (Book One). Some of you may already know this talented photographer and writer, but if not, the photos in her "Living Dolls" series will be an exhilarating introduction. I first saw the images in this series on Courtney's … Continue reading Living Dolls!

Warm Again, and Willing to Admit My Mistake

The heat's back on, and I am relieved to admit that I was wrong—apparently such things can be fixed on a Sunday. Who knew? It's nice to be wrong sometimes. I'd like to be wrong about all my cautious pessimism when it comes to my writing career, too. I'd like to be wrong about work, … Continue reading Warm Again, and Willing to Admit My Mistake


I live for somedays, for promises kept, for dreams come true, for the resignation letter and the U-Haul truck. I believe in the windfall, the leap like a bungee jump, the how-could-it-hurt, and then after, when I fall and hit my head and it does hurt, the how-could-it-keep-hurting if I try again? My pictures of … Continue reading Someday


The boiler broke last night and our building has no heat. It will take a couple of days to fix. The pride and joy of our home—the heating pole in the bathroom so conveniently placed near the toilet—is dead-cold. To keep warm we will huddle under coats while wearing other coats, triple up our socks, … Continue reading Brrrrrrrr