5 Things About Hair, Books, Beer, Cities, and Love

I have been tagged to confess 5 things you didn’t know about me until now, so here you are… my 5 things, and I’ve gone ahead and added themes: (p.s. I sort of fell away from focusing on fashion.) (p.p.s. There is a certain someone who already knows everything.) 1. HAIR I cannot do myContinue reading “5 Things About Hair, Books, Beer, Cities, and Love”


We were talking about struggling for a dream last night. Maybe it came from watching The Black Dahlia and immediately after the Hollywood auditions for American Idol. Actors and other performers have it bad. I don’t envy them, being rejected to their faces, sometimes, oftentimes, with a cruelty that makes those unsigned query rejections fromContinue reading “Dreamy”